Kerja Kosong Sales Executive (Corporate) - 23 Jun 2017 [Gaji : Negotiable ]

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Jawatan Kosong sebagai Sales Executive (Corporate) 
Gaji : Undisclose Per Month

Tertiary qualification in sales and/or hospitality management or similar training in sales
Previuos experience at a personal level in management of hotels or purpose-built convention centres
Previous experience in the management of a sales area and contracting process
Knowledge and understanding of local Corporate market, the legal requirements of the department's and the Centre's Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) standards
Awareness ot the principles of good sales and yield management practices
Knowledge of venue capacities and venue limitations
Ability to communicate with staff at all levels within the company and with customers.

To deliver sales services support, administrative, and to secure direct sales leads into business event opportunities and conversion in line with revenue target delivery for the corporate segment
To review and respond to corporate sales enquiries, ensuring timely respond/action in terms of communication, administrative task and event coordination services for event to be carried out effectively
Reporting to Assistant Manager and contributing as and when necessary to divisional support and task in line with business plans and objectives

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Tarikh perohonan terakhir:
23 Jun 2017

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