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Kerja Kosong Sales Representative - 26 April 2017 [Gaji : RM1,600 - RM4,000]

Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan untuk mengisi kerja kosong di Low Seat Hoong Sdn Bhd. [ Low Seat Hoong Sdn Bhd is a professional food wholesale and retail company, and is currently growing at high speed.]

Jawatan Kosong sebagai Sales Representative 
Gaji :  RM1,600 - RM4,000 Per Month

Polite, hard work, hard work (Personal) willing to learn, willing to pay efforts, willing to be responsible, (team) willing to cooperate
Familiar with the Selangor route
Know to use GPS (Google Maps / Waze)
Prepare own transport for work
Have at least secondary school SPM certificate
Does not meet the original qualifications but has excellent past sales records are also welcome to apply.
Have sales experience has added an advantage
Must know Mandarin, Malay, English
Must work in Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur, Monday to Saturday working hours
You are the people that we are looking for!

Responsible for the company's sales targets
Increase sales, maintain and develop good relationships between existing and new customers.
Effective and timely billing and collection
Promote the company's products, brands and images
Self-planning and execution of daily sales routes
Ensure that reports and feedback can be accurately recorded and archived
Can be done at regular intervals
Collect or deliver items from/to customers
Assist other people and colleagues when needed.

*Sila baca maklumat lengkap melalui link yang admin sediakan di bawah sebelum memohon.

Tarikh permohonan terakhir:
26 April 2017

Cara memohon:
Permohonan adalah melalui laman web Untuk jawatan ini, sila klik di  SINI  dan selepas masuk laman web maukerja, hanya perlu klik MOHON sahaja. Jika belum mendaftar dengan maukerja, sila berbuat demikian di SINI. Untuk panduan cara daftar dan cara cara memohon sila klik SINI. Semoga berjaya semua.

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