Kerja Kosong Recruitment Executive - 27 March 2017 [Gaji : RM1,800 - RM3,000]

Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan untuk mengisi kerja kosong di Elabram Systems Sdn Bhd [ELABRAM SYSTEMS GROUP was driven into existence in 1999. We have 26 footprints around the globe and business offices in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore with core expertise in providing Manpower Solutions Outsourcing (MSO), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Network Planning & Optimization (NPO), and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO).]

Jawatan Kosong sebagai Recruitment Executive  
Gaji : RM1,800 - RM3,000 Per Month

Fresh Graduate are welcome
Has working experience in sales, marketing or any customer-oriented role would be an added-advantage
Good communication skills and enjoy communicate with people
A goal-orientated approach to work
The ability to meet deadlines and targets

Develop a good understanding of client companies, their industry, what they do, plus their work culture and environment
Advertising vacancies by drafting and placing adverts in a range of media
Using social media to advertise positions, attract candidates and build relationships with candidates
Identify and attract candidates to fulfil available position with client companies
Updates candidate application and hiring process into internal Recruitment system
Organizing interview and manage hiring process for client

*Sila baca maklumat lengkap melalui link yang admin sediakan di bawah sebelum memohon.

Tarikh permohonan terakhir:
27 March 2017

Cara memohon:
Permohonan adalah melalui laman web Untuk jawatan ini, sila klik di  SINI  dan selepas masuk laman web maukerja, hanya perlu klik MOHON sahaja. Jika belum mendaftar dengan maukerja, sila berbuat demikian di SINI. Untuk panduan cara daftar dan cara cara memohon sila klik SINI. Semoga berjaya semua.